We’re Really Good at the Internet You Guys

Posted by on Jan 27, 2013

Well, it seems we’re really good at the internet you guys.

We’ve been working on things, promise. Since the last time we updated this site (over a year and a half ago!), we released a full-length album (Love and Order), made a video for the single “Hunters”, and now we are just about ready to release a new EP!

We’ve also become a band of brothers of sorts. Jeep is back in the band playing drums and Maddie’s brother Sam is now playing keys. The EP has been mixed and will be going off to be mastered shortly. We’re really excited about the direction these songs took. It’s a little different, a little more focused, but undeniably us.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more news in the next couple weeks.

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A Long Overdue Update

Posted by on May 2, 2011

So we realize that we haven’t really been outwardly doing too much lately, but there’s a reason for that.

A couple of months ago Matt St. Jean left The Hollow Sound. It was a difficult decision for both parties, but to be honest we’ve never been that good at keeping drummers anyway. Since we started this band we have had five drummers and not much luck holding on to any of them. So instead of just finding another drummer we decided that maybe we should just play without a drummer, move in a different direction, and start to look at how we write songs in a different way.

So for the past few months we’ve been writing a number of more stripped down drummer-less songs, but we’ve also been working on getting a set ready for our CD release. Yes, that’s right. The CD that we recorded last summer is finally going to be released and we will be playing it live and electric, with the help of former drummer and current brother of The Hollow Sound, Jarrod Poirier. As for the date of the CD release, we’re still trying to nail that down, but it will be one of the last times for a while that you can see The Hollow Sound play live and electric with a drummer. We will probably play a few more electric shows this summer, but after that we’re going to be transitioning to a more stripped down set. This is nothing new to us, we’ve played a number of shows acoustic and absolutely love it, it’s easier to hear and a lot easier to tour!

In the next few weeks we will be releasing the first single from the album as well as giving out more information about the title, track listing, cover art and release date.

But for now come and see us play with a drummer while you still can! Our next show is on May 14th at Plymouth Memorial Hall and it’s for a great cause.

Buy tickets here: http://www.memorialhall.com/rsd.html

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